Monday, 27 February 2017

Nicky's Beach Huts inspiration and 50% off sale

Hello everyone!

We're up to 39 followers now which means someone will win a lovely FWAB prize pack very soon!

This week we are showcasing our oh-so-cute Nicky's beach huts & banner set. This gorgeous and unique little scenery package comes with a set of 4 coloured beach huts - red, green, yellow and blue and a lovely matching banner. The banner can be used whole or cut for smaller banners or anything requiring triangles. They are made of a beautiful shimmery puffy material and are self adhesive.

Nicky's beach huts & banner set  is on sale for this week only. Usually $4.95 they are 50% off until Sunday night. So until midnight 5th March you can buy the set for just $2.50 each!! (wholesaler accounts still get their added discounts on top and international buyers get cheaper prices as you don't pay taxes).

Here's some inspiration using our fab beach huts and banner:

Layout by Judith Armstrong
Up in the sky set - sun and clouds

Layout by Chloe Nielsen
Luke flourish - denim blue

Layout by Jeni O'Connor
Chloe pearl flourish - baby blue

Layout by Linda Thompson

Card by Jeni O'Connor
Jack vine - forest green (small vine)

Card by Kate McCulloch
Chloe pearl flourish - Antique gold

Chloe pearl flourish - baby blue

Up in the sky set - sun & water drops

Up in the sky set - sun and cloud

Up in the sky set - sun and cloud

I hope we have inspired you, visit the shop HERE to buy your beach huts and banner sets at 50% off!

Bye for now,

Lucy, Maggie & Kate

Flourish with a Bling

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  1. I love all of these. Such great embellishments. Love the charms.